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Health Services

Walk-in Contraceptive Services

Active duty Soldiers can get all their contraceptive care in one appointment: The Walk-in Contraceptive Services Clinic is located at the 8th TSC clinic, Soldier Centered Medical Home (SCMH), Building C (678), Second Floor.

The Walk-In Contraceptive Services clinic is open every Friday, 8 a.m. - noon (excluding minimal manning/DONSA/training holidays/federal holidays) for full-service access to all contraceptive methods, including IUDs and Implants.

You don’t need to wait until Friday if you are interested in obtaining STI testing, pills, patches, vaginal ring or the DepoProvera injection. You can walk in to your assigned clinic Monday - Friday during normal hours and request a nurse visit.  

Services Offered

  • Prevent pregnancy
  • Access emergency contraception
  • Get or refill contraception prescriptions
  • Have an IUD or implant placed
  • Depo-Provera injections
  • Vasectomy counseling 
  • Regulate menstrual cycles
  • Discuss family planning

How it Works

Walk-In Contraceptive staff are available to help you make the right contraception decisions for you, at your convenience. All services are offered on a first come, first served basis. Walk in to your assigned clinic during normal business hours. A nurse will discuss all options,  provide education, screen you for risk factors, and speak to a provider/clinical pharmacist who will review your medical record and prescribe your preferred method (pill, patch, vaginal ring, DepoProvera injection).
If you desire a birth control option that requires a procedure (IUD or Implant), the nurse will schedule you for the first available Friday. 

You may also choose to walk in to the clinic on Friday without a previous nurse visit. You can also schedule an appointment with your PCM, or send a message via the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

Walk-In Contraceptive services are:

  • Timely – No appointment necessary
  • Convenient – Same day access to contraception
  • Comprehensive – Care tailored to your unique needs

Contact Us


DDHC: 808-433-8155
2nd BCT clinic: 808-433-8210
3rd BCT clinic: 808-433-8260
8th TSC clinic: 808-433-8475
Fires/Sustainment: 808-433-8475
Nurse Advice Line: 800-TRICARE, Option 1

Walk-In Services


8 a.m. - Noon (except federal holidays/DONSA/training days)


Desmond Doss Health Clinic
Building 678 C, Second Floor
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